Typing Master Pro (Activated)

We are going to post today, we will talk about Typing Master Pro. Tapping Master is excellent software through which we can practice typing very well and increase our typing speed. It is mostly by people who want to speed up their typing speed. There are many options through which we can improve our typing speed.

There are eight different types of lessons in which we can practice. It can increase your speed. We know about how to place fingerprints on the keyboard, how to use the keyboard, which finger to press the key. Through this, we can significantly increase our speed.


We can also play typing games to freshen up when we get bored while typing so that we can speed up our practice. That is a perfect option, which makes our speed even better. There are three ways to do this, as shown in the picture below. You can play any of these games.

Also on it we can know our speed, how many minutes we are typing on the world. We can check our accuracy on how many worlds we have written and how many mistakes we have made in it. Then we can improve ourselves so that we don’t make any more mistakes.

As you know we upload most of the registered software on our website. We ask you to share it with your friends and subscribe to our social media or YouTube channel.

For Download Microsoft Office

Download Typing Master Pro free for Windows (4.9 MB)
With OneDrive

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