Lynda – Camtasia 2019 Essential Training Advanced Techniques

Camtasia Studio Activated is a very strong and very powerful multimedia program for recording videos from the screen, capturing video & recording the video files in different formats. Learn from Lynda experts Lynda the free courses – Camtasia 2019 Essential Training Advanced Techniques just in one click to download. A multimedia program for recording videos from a monitor screen,& a screen of windows.

Lynda - Camtasia 2019 Essential Training Advanced Techniques

For Download Camtasia

How to install Camtasia

In this course we learn

  1. Introduction
    01. Advance into Camtasia
    02. What you know before watching this course
    03. Staying up to date
  2. Advanced Editing Techniques
    01. Using Markers
    02. Stitching Clips and Still Frames
    03. Using Groups
    04. Editing Audio Levels
    05. Separating Audio and Video
  3. Working with Media
    01. Organizing Project Media
    02. Importing Local Media
    03. Importing PDF Files
    04. Importing Media from Google Drive
  4. Working with the Library
    01. Customizing Motion Graphics in the Library
    02. Adding Music to Your Movie
    03. Creating a custom Camtasia Library
  5. Working with Annotations
    01. Choosing and Customizing Annotations
    02. Hidden Feature Creating Block Text
  6. Using Behaviors and Animations
    01. Understanding Behaviors
    02. Using Behaviors to help tell your Story
    03. Understanding Animations
    04. Creating a Zoom and Pan Animation
  7. Using Cursor Effects
    01. Using Cursor Effects
    02. Smoothing Cursor Movements
    03. Using Click FX
    04. Android Hack Recording Touch Events
  8. Using Voice Narration and Audio Effects
    01. Recording Voice Narration
    02. Using the Noise Removal FX
    03. Fading Audio in and out
    04. Using Audio Compression
  9. Using Video Effects
    01. Using the Drop Shadow and Border effects
    02. Using the Colorize Effect
    03. Using the Color Adjustment Effect
    04. Using the Remove a Color Effect
    05. Using the Device Frame Effect
    06. Using the Clip Speed Effect
    07. Using the Interactive HotSpot Effect
  10. Creating an Interactive Quiz
    01. Creating a Quiz
    02. Sharing Movies with an Embedded Quiz
  11. Working with Captions
    01. Creating Captions
    02. Importing a Script to Generate Captions
    03. Importing Captions from an SRT file
    04. Automating Caption Creation with Y Translator
    05. Sharing Movies with Captions
  12. Conclusion
    01. Next Steps
  13. Ex- Lynda – Camtasia 2019 Essential Training Advanced Techniques

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